Find a Freelance PC Support Technician

  • Find a Freelance PC Support Technician


    A PC support technician is a professional who does troubleshooting, maintenance, installation and repairs of computer hardware and diagnoses software issues. The professionals are usually available to provide technical assistance and support to any employee using a PC for work. The main areas of focus are upgrading computer systems, removing viruses, ensuring network safety, installing new hardware and collaborating with other information technology technicians.


    The technicians are also often known as help-desk technicians. They will occasionally travel to off-site locations to resolve PC problems. It is common practice that the technicians are always available to give instructions and advice to users on how to resolve their PC problems. Apart from getting involved in the hardware and software problems, the support technician also troubleshoots and repairs other peripheral equipment such as printers.

    Job Description:

    The primary responsibility of the support technician is to offer technical support to computers both remotely and on-site. The areas of work include troubleshooting computer hardware, peripherals and software applications. Sometimes they are also asked to focus on network and internet connectivity. They should be able to work in coordination with both technical and non-technical staff.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Build and configure hardware and update software
    • Repairing computers and ensuring that the servers are functioning properly
    • Running diagnostic programs and maintaining computer networks
    • Gathering data to assess the needs of the customer
    • Evaluation of network requirements
    • Telecommunications setup and repair
    • System administration
    • Resolving incorrect settings
    • Remove viruses or spyware, be able to replace hardware or reinstall the entire operating system


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